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Reverse Osmosis

REVERSE OSMOSIS is the latest technology to remove all excess Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) chemicals in water up to 98%. It removes Bacteria and Virus to a level of 99.99%. It restores the original taste and quality of water. Other purification methods have no effect on TDS level of water.

The RO Technology uses an innovative TDS (total dissolved solids) control valve which allows the user to control the amount of essential natural minerals present in drinking water. It ensures that the RO purified water does not have a bitter taste and the pH value is maintained around 7. It also enables the user to adjust the amount of TDS in purified water according to one’s taste.

This technology is based on double purification wherein water after passing through RO, is also passed through Ultra Violet (UV) radiation and Ultra Filtration (UF). Secondary purification by UV/UF ensures that when the pores of RO membrane open up and allow harmful micro-organisms to pass through, they get deactivated / filtered out by UV/UF.

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